The Avenger Film Fund

Teaser Trailer

These short films were produced on virtually no budget using borrowed equipment and a volunteer crew.  As a result, the value of them is nothing compared to what you will eventually see in the feature film - but they are good for what they are.


The Love of Money

Defense Attorney Leslie Walsh is one of the wealthiest and most infamous figures in Minikin Capital.  She is also despised by many who criticize her for defending some of the worst elements in the city's underworld. One day she is confronted by tragic circumstances that cause her to question her motives.


The Love of Money - Short Film from Ryan Callaway on Vimeo.

Faith Bible Church

In "Faith Bible Church" we see a man who spends his nights dealing with the worst criminals Minikin Capital has to offer, struggling to devote himself to another calling during the day.



Minikin Capital's Finest

This was our first short film, and as you can tell from Love of Money and Faith Bible Church, we've come a long way.

Lieutenant Brooke of the Minikin Capital Police Department joins her off duty officers, Andy Doyle and his rookie partner Patricia Summers, at a sushi bar owned by Mia Brown.  Mia is the daughter of reformed high class criminal, Harvey Brown.  The officers discuss Harvey's past, as well as the mysterious presence that has been wreaking havoc in Minikin Capital.