The Avenger Film Fund

Local Film Launches Fundraiser

Reposted from a recent Camden News Article:
October 13, 2009 - The often lengthy process of pre-production started a year ago for feature film "Avenger of Blood", a movie that will be filmed throughout Cherry Hill, Camden, Moorestown, and other South Jersey cities. It's an engaging action/drama based on the title character, who is derived from the Hebrew Bible.  A year later, Director/Screenwriter Ryan Callaway has the final draft of the script written. The majority of the cast has also been picked, and consists of local actors from the New Jersey region. 
"Avenger" is action film about a vigilante who delivers justice to murderers running amok in an urban city.  But it's also a drama which accurately portrays the dangers and hopelessness plaguing many urban cities, like the fictional Minikin Capital where the movie takes place.  One of the major supporting characters, a young woman with a history of drug use and illicit sex, turns to the church for help.  She forms a friendship with a quiet pastor, who at night dons a mask and becomes the fearsome Avenger of Blood.
Director Ryan Callaway was born in Camden, and 71 year old Project Manager Dominick Ruggiero Jr. graduated from Rutgers University.  They've seen and experienced the city first hand, and hope to use "Avenger" to enact change both through its messages and the box office gross.  A percentage of the film's proceeds will be donated to a local program that provides care for victims of drug & alcohol addiction, gang violence, abuse, and prostitution.
Many came from hours away to audition for a part in the movie, such as Victoria Vedeneeva, who plays a tough Lieutenant. Victoria is a New York City actress with an impressive resume who was attracted to the more emotional elements of the script. Perhaps most notable among the cast is actor and fight choreographer Dean Pyles, who recently served in both capacities on the set of the new Nick Nolte film "Warrior". Dean made a couple of 12 hour round trips from Virgina to Pennsauken to nab a major supporting role in "Avenger", and like the rest of the cast is waiting excitedly to begin working on the film. The holdup? As is usually the case, lack of funds. The entire film would take $175,000 to shoot, and according to other estimates close to $200,000 including post-production expenses.

While most movies are supported by investors or studios, Callaway and Ruggiero are pursuing a more grass roots source of funds.

On Sunday, October 11th, they initiated an online fundraiser in which anyone can participate. Their hope is that through word of mouth and generosity, local and nationwide filmgoers will offer the support needed for the film to be completed. The website the fundraiser is being held on is, which has thus far raised over $53,000 for other causes and projects. As a result, if the fundraiser for Avenger successfully raises the $175K minimum sought by Ryan, Cheryl, and Dominick, that would be quite an accomplishment for both the filmmakers and Kapipal itself. On the funding page, it is mentioned that those who make large donations will be credited in the film as Producers, while all contributors will receive credit for their assistance.

From the filmmakers to potential contributors: "Every cent will be used on the production itself, and we're accepting donations as small as $5. But most importantly, spread the word! With 10,000 donations of $20, or 5,000 donations of $40, we would have enough for the budget. So please consider donating to this film and become a part of something that has the potential to be a big hit!"

Good luck