The Avenger Film Fund


"Avenger of Blood" is an independent film currently in development by Shady Dawn Pictures.   We are raising funds for this potential blockbuster, and have started a fundraiser through the Kapipal website.  Click on one of the links throughout this site to go to our page there and please consider making a donation of any size - $5 and up - so that we can get this film under way.  Payments are made easy via Paypal.  


"The avenger of blood himself shall slay the murderer; when he meets him, he shall slay him." (Numbers 35:19)

In the corrupt, crime-ridden city of Minikin Capital, a quiet man who works as an assistant pastor during the day goes out at nights as the Avenger of Blood, an agent of vengeance who punishes those who shed the blood of the innocent. He befriends a young woman seeking an escape from her tumultuous life, but when she is entangled in the center of a controversial murder case, it challenges his faithfulness to his assignment.

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